EC Smokes Electronic Cigarette Review – Part 1

Here’s a recent review of some of our favorite ecigs.

Watch and comment below – oh and let me know which is your favorite…


  1. Gogglewearingfreak says

    I don’t like the smell of smoking, but seeing these I think I might try it
    out. The mind and apple flavored ones look awesome to try. AND it’s safe
    and you’re not inhaling none of the bad stuff. Before I do, can you tell me
    a bit of what is in most of it? I mean, I know a bit but not alot.

  2. Adrian Aghaie says

    They need to make a teeshirt about this guy.
    With the print “Let’s just check that body one more time”
    xD hahah.

  3. Jon Jrl says

    I heard that it is water vapor and that it isn’t good for your lungs but
    hey it’s probably better for you then real cigs.

  4. Brian Huffman says

    just ordered green apple and vanilla cant wait to bad its Saturday wont get
    them till Tuesday I think they go out Monday. I also love the free shipping
    over $20

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