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We at Dynamic Ecig Reviews are happy you’re visiting our website.  We’ve broken down our favorite Electronic Cigarettes on the Market and listed them below along with our active promo codes.

V2 cigs

V2 Cigs ReviewWithin a short span of time V2 has become one of the most popular e-cigarette brands in USA with lots of good reviews. As you open the Box you feel everything is of good quality. It box shows 2xbatteries out of them one is manual and other is automatic with 10x cartomizers and Wall adapter and USB. Both the battery has good quality finish and the flavor and vapor volume are good. There is some stand out flavors as well. Another plus point is that it offers the option to buy empty cartomizer with bottled e-liquid. 30 day return policy offers surely give you opportunity to return defective product.  Read the full review here

Halo Cigs

Halo CigsHalo is one of the well-known brands in the industry. It offers different e-cig models, which is quite unique. Its proprietary battery and the cartomizer take it to the position of one of the top e-cigarette brands.  The cigs comes in gorgeous design with pleasant tobacco flavour. The e-cigs offered from halo are truly a user friendly and no one can regret after buying e-cig from halo. The people who are tired using brands, which makes those e-cigs look old fashioned, Halo offers much more interesting and vibrant looks. Even its batteries run more than similar sized batteries from other brands.

All in all, halo is value for money. Read our full review here

Mad Vapes

Mad Vapes ReviewMad vapes has in this industry since 2009 and since then company has been selling e-cigs, juices and parts to vapors. Its menu involves contains some of the unusual items which could not see anywhere else. Its e-cig kit offers disposable kit with three cartridges and a battery which can be charged 5 times before being labelled “disposable”. Along with them, you also get blank cartridge, which you can fill on your own. The production of vapour, flavour and throat hit are substandard. One time disposable e-cigs costs same price while you can definitely use this e-cigs more than that. Most of the consumers are very happy with the product. Read the complete Mad Vapes review here

Bull Smoke

Bull SmokeOne of the newer brands in the market “Bull Smoke” has got number of good reviews from electronic cigarettes. Due to this popularity the company has decided to put more emphasis on making it appealing brand for those who wanted to take a shift from tobacco. Bull smoke comes with Ranch hand and city slicker starter kits. Both the kits offer two batteries, one wall charger, 10 cartomizers and one USB charger. The vapor from the Bull Smoke is nice and with a clean taste. It has an excellent battery life.

Further to that it has well satisfied nicotine hit. With the bull smoke you are opting for 25mg and the flavors comes in wide range. Other than this, the company offers warranty of one year with its batteries, which means security. Read more about Bull Smoke

Green Smoke

Green SmokeGreen smoke has been in the industry for quite long. During this phase it has received mixed reviews but there is no question about the commercial success of this brand. Due to its quality of electronic cigarette, it has gained popularity but some communities say that it has reached at this position due to aggressive marketing approach. It offers impressive presentation at the steep price which is definitely a deal breaker.

Considering the size, the battery is also pretty satisfied. The quality and visibility of the battery is quite superior to the many similar sized batteries. It offers fantastic vapour production and amazing flavors. Read more on Green Smoke