Green Smoke Review

When it comes to the e-cig industry, Green Smoke is considered to be a pioneer. Achieving tremendous success, Green Smoke manufactures high-quality e-cigs accompanied by aggressive marketing. Let’s take a closer look at the finer nuances that have taken Green Smoke to the pinnacles of success.

Green Smoke Review
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Battery Life6.5


The Green Smoke Kit contains two KR808D batteries, 1 USB charger, 1 USB cigarette, 10 flavored cartridges, and Car and Home Adaptors. What’s more, a Deluxe Carrying Case is all yours, is absolutely free and fits into your pocket.

With a price tag of $99, this kit is extremely popular. It is sufficient to get enough vaping. Moreover, you can swap the batteries while charging the other one. 10 cartridges should suffice for nearly three weeks if you aren’t a heavy smoker. The kit would be complete with a portable charger, but we will have to wait for it. Green Smoke gets ten on ten for design and aesthetics, especially with the magnet-top box. Green Smoke understands the importance of visual appeal, which is evident in their range of kits.

Battery Life and Performance:

The battery used is the popular KR808D. The mAh rating of the short battery is 160, whereas the longer one has a rating of 270 mAh. On an average, the short battery will give up to 200 puffs, whereas the longer one can deliver up to 300 puffs. The batteries come with a minor hitch: the air inlet lies at the tip, where the e-cig’s green tip lights up. This tiny hole can get blocked easily, with no room for cleaning. Therefore, care should be taken to keep it in the case instead of just dumping them in your pocket. A manual battery would be ideal for those who want a good throat hit without puffing intensely.

Vapor and Throat Hit

Green Smoke truly lives up to its name. They are renowned for their capability to generate huge smoke clouds from the Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) combination. When it comes to production of vapor, Green Smoke generates a good amount of it. The throat hit is not very harsh.


Presently, Green Smoke is available in 8 exotic flavors. Some of the most popular ones include Mocha Mist, Menthol Ice, and Red Label. With all flavors having a nutty finish, the remaining flavors include Absolute Tobacco, Gold, Mountain Clove, Vanilla Dreams, and Smooth Chocolate. The flavors are available in the following strengths: Strong (2.4%), Full (1.8%), Light (1.2%), Ultra light (0.6%) and Zero (0%).

To conclude, Green Smoke is a high-end e-cig brand that offers tremendous value for money. With excellent vapor, awesome taste, and excellent customer support, you get a good bang for every buck.