Mad Vapes Ecig Review

MadVapes is a premier manufacturer and seller of e-cigarettes, e-juice, and vapor parts since the year 2009. Their menu offers new and unique items, which you are unlikely to have seen or heard anytime before. This review uncovers the good and the not-go-good aspects of this famous brand of e-cigs.

Mad Vapes
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Mod Claw

Generally, if you wish a vaping device to be clipped to your belt ring, you have to only fix it using a lanyard. However, certain mods cannot be fitted with a lanyard. Therefore, you have to store them in a case and place it in your briefcase or purse while you are on the move. Fortunately, MadVapes comes up with a solution: Mod Claw, which is a nifty device. All you need to do is place your mod in it, and it remains there. This allows you to clip it to your backpack, belt, or handbag, to name a few. MadVapes has come up with a list of mods that are confirmed to work or not work with Mod Claw. If your device is not in the list issued by MadVapes, there is no guarantee that it will fit securely in the claw.


One of the most popular models is the Menthol 510 kit, which comes in a disposable format. It contains a USB charger, three menthol cartridges, and a rechargeable battery (up to 5 times) with a label “disposable.” The kit also contains a blank cartridge that allows you to refill with the liquid of your choice. MadVapes has conducted a review of the product and have found that five charges are a conservative estimate: with a price of less than $10, the device can be charged many more times.

Some of the highlighting features of MadVapes are listed below:

  • Excellent vapor production and throat hit
  • Exotic flavors
  • Emerging brand
  • Cutting-edge and sophisticated technology
  • The product is a hit with consumers. Therefore, it can be assumed that the quality of their e-cigs is first-rate.


MadVapes offers three e-liquids: Hangsen, Dekange, and TopVapor. The offered flavors are a heady mix of exquisite treats, mesmerizing drinks, menthols, and multiple tobaccos. The apricot and apple cider e-liquids are by far the most popular. A majority of vapor stores offer liquids that are a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, especially for heavy users. One 10ml juice bottle costs $1.79, which is extremely cheap.


Most e-cig companies offer reward points to their customers while shopping. The discount offered by MadVapes is 5% per purchase, which is available in the form of reward points.

To conclude – MadVapes is a great ecig brand and lower in cost than some of their competitors.