Bull Smoke Reviews

To begin, a Bull Smoke e-cig resembles a traditional tobacco cigarette, which many individuals consider an added advantage. Also, the branding centers on the “macho” image. What’s more, all e-cigs coming from the house of Bull Smoke come with a lifetime warranty. Moreover, the customer service is excellent. Bull Smoke is a no-frills brand that does not compromise on quality at any stage.

Bull Smoke Review
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Battery Life9

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Battery Life

Bull Smoke cigarettes are available in three sizes: short, medium, and long, with all resembling the cigarette stem. The batteries have a longer life in comparison with other e-cigs. This is vital because you can smoke all day without the need to carry various batteries. Moreover, you will experience a full throat hit. The time frame and usability for the battery life vary from small to large batteries. In addition, the time spent on recharging is minimal, ensuring you always a have a charged-up e-cig on the go.


The flavor cartridges resemble the filter section of a traditional cigarette. It must be said that the flavors are not as diverse as those offered by other e-cig brands. Presently, Bull Smoke offers 10 flavors. Bull Smoke e-cigs have high nicotine intensity. Therefore, if you desire an e-cig that looks and tastes like a traditional cigarette, Bull Smoke is the brand for you.

The flavor names are intended to target to their demographic. The names have a masculine touch to it. Some of the most popular ones offered by Bull Smoke are Coffee Roast, Refined Blend, American Ranger, and Turkish Tobacco. If you are looking for an exotic flavor, Coffee Roast is the one for you.


One of the latest products offered by Bull Smoke is their personal charging case, which is a small gadget that allows you to charge your e-cig, while you are performing your daily tasks and chores. They also offer a wide array of adaptors, which take care of all your needs with regard to recharging. Bull Smoke also offers the basic USB adaptor and a USB-to-vehicle convertible adaptor.


Bull Smoke e-cigs are less expensive in comparison with the other premier brands available in the market. You can purchase a complete kit for as little as $30. Originally, the kit was priced nearly $75.


Bull Smoke offers tremendous value for money, despite it being a no-frills brand. Their target group includes those who want rich flavor with a genuine hit of nicotine, without the nitty-gritty of add-ons. Overall, a great product that satisfies your nicotine needs to the fullest.

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