V2 Cigs Review

If you’ve switched to e-cigarettes, you may have already have heard of V2 Cigs. They proclaim to be the best e-cig brand on the Internet. There may be some truth in what they say; however, popularity and quality are two different things. Therefore, let’s conduct an in-depth review of this premier e-cig brand.

V2 Cigs
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Battery Life9.5

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizers - our pupils dilated too.

Analyzing the Contents

To begin with, It has an impressive packaging. I was surprised how big the package was considering the fact that I had ordered the Standard Starter Kit. The flip-top box along with the logo of V2 Cigs was also attractive. The kit comprised of a short battery (manual) and a long one (automatic). Both seemed to be exceptional. The blister packs containing 5 cartomizers come in cute boxes with in-depth warnings about the legal age for smoking and facts on nicotine. The V2 Cigs logo, which features on the USB charger, lights up during use. Also included in the kit was a handy wall adaptor.

Battery Life and Performance

The KR808 battery delivers a power-packed performance. When it came to the manual battery, it provided 4 hours of vaping. The size of the longer battery can be intimidating. The battery’s length extends to 140 mm after a cartomizer has been attached. Another great feature is the switch that is moderately sensitive and powers the battery with a minimal draw. Overall, the battery life is good with the average vaper, like me, finding the two batteries sufficient.

Vapor Production

The vapor production abilities of the KR808 were simply awesome. I got a good mouthful of vapor after every draw, despite the fact that their e-liquids are a blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. This can be attributed to the batteries’ long cut-off time. In addition, the improved battery voltage played a positive role in high vapor production.

Cartomizers, E-liquids, and Flavors

The e-liquid used in V2 Cigs gives an excellent throat hit along with amazing vapor. Opting for a full-strength 1.8% nicotine tobacco along with menthol juices gives you your money’s worth. Heavy smokers who have made the switch to e-cigs may want stronger ones. However, when it comes to flavors, V2 Cigs is disappointing. After all, taste is a subjective matter. The cartomizers are of high quality, and do not leak.


V2 Cigs has carved a niche for itself in the market, but it has its share of positives and negatives. The cartomizers (which can be used only once) and e-liquid flavors (which do not make an impact) are disadvantages. However, overall it is a great product with long-lasting batteries, excellent vapor production, and an affordable price.

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