Halo Ecigs Review

E-cigs coming from the house of Halo are truly fascinating. With the finest and tastiest e-liquids (which can be refilled), the Halo brand has got a firm footing in the industry. Halo e-cigs come with a novel approach with regard to designing the most special e-liquids you can purchase. All those who enjoy the process of cartridge refilling, will fall in love with the Halo brand.

Halo Cigs
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What Makes Halo E-Cigs Really Cool?

Innovative branding makes the product line of the company rise above competition

A wide range of e-juice flavors, including Tribeca, Longhorn, and Malibu

The starter kits belonging to the G6 range come in nine diverse color schemes to cater to all tastes

Halo offers a wide array of products such as mini tanks, Triton tanks, prefilled cartridges, and cutting-edge accessories.

Halo has become the preferred choice with different types of e-cigarette users. Arguably, the most powerful e-cig battery in the market, the Triton Tank system delivers a splendid performance. Halo also offers traditional e-cig batteries, making them a brand that caters to a diverse clientele.

Two Fundamental Choices

This is where things get interesting. The two variants offered by Halo include G6 and Triton Tank e-cigarettes. The G6 range is more traditional; on the other hand, Triton Tank cigarettes are larger, with more sophisticated batteries.

G6 e-cigs are equipped with an anti-burn system for enhanced safety. What’s more, the battery is rugged and the vapor is smooth. With a mind-boggling range of tobacco flavors from all over the globe, G6 e-cigs are available in bright colors. Expect cocoa, tropical blends and more.

Triton Tank takes e-cigs to the next level. The word “tank” in the name refers to a large supply of e-liquid that is ideal for vaporizing. Moreover, the battery is much longer in comparison with batteries of the standard size. This e-cig range is a combination of a large vaporizer and a compact e-cigarette. Similar to the G6 range, Triton Tank is available in a range of exciting flavors and cool colors. With refilling compulsory, your carbon footprint is reduced greatly.

Starter Kits

Starter kits are provided by almost every e-cig manufacturer. They offer users a one-stop solution for all needs for sometime. Refill bottles and flavor cartridges will be additions you will have to make.

With G6 range of kits, the only choices include type of battery (manual or automatic) and choice of color (which does not live up to expectation). The same holds true for the Triton Tank kits. Other items in the kit include two batteries, a wall charger, and a USB adaptor. Triton Tank also offers you a case, two tanks, and a cone, whereas with the G6 kit, you can choose cartomizers of a particular nicotine strength and flavor.


E-cigarette preferences are subjective and range from one person to another. Some of the factors include evenness of vapor (which is excellent with Halo) and the range of flavors.